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Criminal Division

The Criminal Division is the largest division within the office and is responsible for all criminal investigations and prosecutions. Assistant United States Attorneys (AUSAs) investigate and prosecute cases arising from a vast array of criminal activity such as economic crimes, health care fraud, drug crimes including Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force matters (OCEDTF) and violent crimes. The Criminal Division has responsibility for various national initiatives, including Anti-Terrorism and matters of national security, Project Safe Neighborhoods, Project Safe Childhood and Anti-gang.

Asset Forfeiture:  

This office investigates and prosecutes both civil and criminal cases that involve the possible forfeiture of real property, currency, vehicles, and other items of value. We also work to enhance cooperation among federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies through the equitable sharing of assets recovered through forfeiture.

Economic Crimes:  

Our office handles the investigation and prosecution of a wide variety of economic crimes, including public corruption, bank fraud, bankruptcy fraud, advance fee schemes, insurance fraud, “con man” schemes, money laundering offenses, tax offenses, securities fraud, commercial bribery, copyright infringement, defense procurement fraud, environmental crimes, and complex computer-related crimes.

Health Care Fraud:  

This office also investigates and prosecutes complex health care fraud committed by corporate and individual defendants, including independent clinical laboratories, outpatient dialysis providers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, hospitals, ambulance service provider, doctors, pharmacists, and other medical providers.

Organized Crime Drug Enforcement:  

The Drug Unit within the Criminal Division handles the investigation and prosecution of drug cases, and drug-related offenses, with emphasis on major illegal drug importation and distribution organizations.

Anti-Terrorism and National Security:  

Our office also has responsibility for anti-terrorism investigations, as well as those involving breaches of national security, such as espionage and munitions smuggling cases. In addition, we are responsible for the operation of the Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council, as well administering the Critical Incident Response Plan and the National Security and International Affairs program.

Violent Crimes:  

This office also prosecutes crimes such as bank robbery, car jacking, kidnapping, civil rights and hate crimes violations, and immigration offenses. We also handle a large number of cases and matters involving federal firearms violations and gangs.

Updated August 31, 2017