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District of Vermont

District of Vermont

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About the U.S. Attorney

Eugenia A.P. Cowles, Acting USA

Eugenia A.P. Cowles was appointed Acting U.S. Attorney on February 11, 2017.


About the District

The District of Vermont is approximately 9,614 square miles and is bordered by New Hampshire on the east and Lake Champlain (the sixth Great Lake) and New York on the West. The state shares a 90 mile border with Canada to the north and a 41 mile border with Massachusetts to the south.


P.O. Box 570
Burlington, VT 05402-0570
Phone: 802-951-6725
Fax: 802-951-6540

P.O. Box 10
Rutland, VT 05702-0010
Phone: 802-773-0231
Fax: 802-773-0214

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