Judgment Termination Initiative


This page is the primary source of information for the public regarding the Antitrust Division’s initiative to seek to terminate antitrust judgments that no longer protect competition.

The Division presently is reviewing legacy antitrust judgments to determine which are candidates for termination.  The Division will review each candidate judgment to identify those that are still in effect and that no longer serve their original purpose of protecting competition. Once such a candidate judgment for termination is identified, the Division will seek public comment on the proposed termination and, if appropriate following review of comments, seek to terminate the judgment, typically by filing a motion with the appropriate court.

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Press Release: Department of Justice Announces Initiative to Terminate “Legacy” Antitrust Judgments (April 25, 2018)

Federal Register Notice: Department of Justice’s Initiative to Seek Termination of Legacy Antitrust Judgments Federal Register Notice 2018-09461 (May 4, 2018)

Press Release: Department of Justice Seeks to Terminate “Legacy” Antitrust Judgments in Federal District Court in Washington, D.C. (July 9, 2018)

Judgment Termination Information Available on this Page

As the initiative proceeds, the Division will update this page with the following information:

  • The identity of individual judgments that the Division proposes to terminate and for which it seeks public comment, a link to the judgment itself, and the deadline for public comments on the proposed termination.
  • The identity of judgments for which the Division has filed a motion to terminate with the appropriate court, with a link to the relevant motion and accompanying memorandum in support.
  • The identity of judgments that have been terminated by court order or otherwise.

Process for Submitting Comments on the Proposed Termination of a Judgment

The section of this page titled "Judgments Proposed for Termination" will list judgments the Division believes should be terminated.  Members of the public wishing to comment on the proposed termination of a judgment should submit comments to JudgmentTerminationComments@usdoj.gov by the deadline stated.  The subject line of comments submitted should identify the relevant case name and docket number for the judgment.


If you have questions regarding this initiative or regarding termination of particular judgments, please contact:

Dorothy B. Fountain
Chief Legal Advisor
Antitrust Division, U.S. Department of Justice

Judgments Proposed For Termination

This section identifies judgments that the Division believes no longer serve their original purpose of protecting competition, and for which it plans to seek termination.  The judgments are grouped by court.  Each case name links to the associated judgment(s).  The public is invited to submit comments regarding the proposed termination of specific judgments to JudgmentTerminationComments@usdoj.gov; the subject line of submitted comments should identify the relevant case name and docket number, e.g., "Subject: American Amusement Ticket Manufacturers' Association, et al., Docket No. 46422."     

Judgments Proposed for Termination, Listed by Court

Motions To Terminate Filed

This section identifies judgments that, upon review of all public comments, the Division believes are worthy of termination because they no longer serve their original purpose of protecting competition.  The cases are grouped by court.  In each case, the Division has filed a motion to terminate with the relevant court. 

Motions to Terminate Filed, Listed by Court

District of Columbia

Updated July 13, 2018

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