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Antitrust Consent Decree Review Public Comments - ASCAP and BMI 2019

Comments PC-301 to PC-400

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PC-301 George D. Johnson
PC-302 George Payne
PC-303 George Payne
PC-304 Georgia Theatre Company (GTC)
PC-305 Gilded Grape Winery and Wine Bar
PC-306 Gillioz Center for Arts & Entertainment
PC-307 Gilmer Arts and Heritage Association
PC-308 Gil's Café
PC-309 Glenridge Performing Arts Center
PC-310 Global Music Rights, LLC
PC-311 Go Fish Marina Bar and Grill
PC-312 Golden Ridge Cellars
PC-313 Goodwater Vineyard LLC
PC-314 Gordon Estate
PC-315 Grand Opera House
PC-316 Greg Harlow
PC-317 Grinder House Coffee Shop - Angela Chastain
PC-318 Grinder House Coffee Shop - Asa Reese
PC-319 Grossinger Motors Arena
PC-320 Gunter Hans - European Pub & Café
PC-321 Haak Vineyards and Winery - Gladys Haak
PC-322 Haak Vineyards and Winery - Tiffany Farrell
PC-323 Hackett Vineyards LLC
PC-324 Hahn-a-Lula Resort
PC-325 Halle Cultural Arts Center
PC-326 Hamilton Cellars
PC-327 Happy's Place
PC-328 Harkins Theatres
PC-329 Harry Riskin
PC-330 Harvest Moon
PC-331 Hawk Haven Vineyard
PC-332 Hawk Ridge Winery
PC-333 Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards
PC-334 Heather Macheel
PC-335 Hedges Family Estate
PC-336 Heidi Roth
PC-337 Helwig Winery
PC-338 Hidden Creek Vineyard and Winery
PC-339 Hidden Hills Farm and Vineyard - Barbry Williams
PC-340 Hidden Hills Farm and Vineyard - Robin Sagoskin
PC-341 High Point Theatre
PC-342 Historic Temple Theatre of Viroqua
PC-343 Holladay Arts Council
PC-344 Hoots on the Water
PC-345 Hopwood Cellars Winery
PC-346 Moning Drone
PC-347 Hot Rod Nellies
PC-348 Huber Winery/Starlight Distillery
PC-349 Hugh C. Hansen
PC-350 Hunt Country Vineyards
PC-351 Hutchinson Farm Winery
PC-352 Hye Meadow Winery
PC-353 iHeartMedia
PC-354 Indie Soul Management
PC-355 Information Engineering Services, Inc.
PC-356 International Association of Venue Managers
PC-357 International Center for Law & Economics 
PC-358 International Hotel & Bar
PC-359 International Muncipal Lawyers Association et al.
PC-360 Internet and Television Association (NCTA) and Netflix
PC-361 Internet Association
PC-362 Irene's Vineyard & Winery
PC-363 Irving Arts Center
PC-364 Isenhower Cellars
PC-365 Isothermal Community College Performing Arts Center
PC-366 The Cabot
PC-367 J. Cool's Bar LLC
PC-368 J. Larry Smith
PC-369 Jackson Tavern
PC-370 James Curtis Morrow
PC-371 James Joyce Irish Pub and Restaurant
PC-372 Jan Davis
PC-373 Jane Ann Wilson
PC-374 Jane Margulis
PC-375 Jane Wiedlin
PC-376 Janeen Gilliam
PC-377 Janeen Gilliam
PC-378 Jason Dailey
PC-379 Jason Goedken
Jason L. Turner
PC-381 Jazz Cellars LLC
PC-382 Jean Farris Winery
PC-383 Jeanette Shires
PC-384 Jeanne Piazza
PC-385 Jeff Baitx
PC-386 Jeff Zeitler
PC-387 Jefferson Live
PC-388 Jeffrey Ruppel
PC-389 PGH
PC-390 Jens Mark Hansen
PC-391 Jerilyn Benson
PC-392 Jerry Robbins
PC-393 Jerry's Tavern
PC-394 Jessica Thompson
PC-395 Jim Brockpahler
PC-396 Joan Stephens
PC-397 Joe Goryeb
PC-398 Johanna Lindsey
PC-399 Johann's Bar & Grill and Mecan River Inn
PC-400 John Anson Ford Theatres
Updated September 13, 2019