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Antitrust Consent Decree Review Public Comments - ASCAP and BMI 2019

Comments PC-801 to PC-878

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PC-801 The Winery at Marjim Manor
PC-802 Thomas M. Lenard and Lawrence J. White
PC-803 Three Brothers Wineries and Estates
PC-804 Three Sisters Vineyards & Winery
PC-805 Tiffany Harmon
PC-806 Tilly's Too Tavern
PC-807 Tim Chapman
PC-808 Tobin Center for Performing Arts
PC-809 Tony Becich
PC-810 Tony Williams
PC-811 Town of Fuquay-Varina, NC
PC-812 Tracy West
PC-813 Tracy's King Crab Shack
PC-814 Traditions Pub
PC-815 Traveler's Cellar Winery
PC-816 Travis Labbe
PC-817 Tres Rojas Winery - Lisa Barry
PC-818 Tres Rojas Winery - Robert Barry
PC-819 Treveri Cellars
PC-820 Trout Springs Winery
PC-821 Troy Savings Bank Music Hall
PC-822 True West Presents - Blaine Peters
PC-823 True West Presents - Jeffrey Baitx
PC-824 Tryon Fine Arts Center
PC-825 Tuffy's Lounge Inc.
PC-826 Turasky's Catering
PC-827 Turkey Point Vineyard - Doris Behnke
PC-828 Turkey Point Vineyard - Eric Behnke
PC-829 Turtle Tap
PC-830 Twisted Barley Brewing Co.
PC-831 Tz Sports Pub
PC-832 U.S. Cellular Center
PC-833 United Drive-In Theatre Owners Association (UDITOA)
PC-834 Utah Valley Convention Center
PC-835 Ventosa Vineyards
PC-836 VenuWorks - John Siehl
PC-837 VenuWorks - Steve Peters
PC-838 VenuWorks Civic Center
PC-839 Veritas Winery
PC-840 Via Vecchia Winery
PC-841 Vicki Stephenson
PC-842 Vic's Main Tap
PC-843 Victoria Theatre Association
PC-844 Vidalia Convention & Visitors Bureau
PC-845 Vintage Brewing Company
PC-846 Viszlay Vineyards
PC-847 Vynecrest LLC
PC-848 War Horse Brewing Company
PC-849 Washington Center for the Performing Arts
PC-850 Washington Center for the Performing Arts
PC-851 Washington Wine Institute
PC-852 Waterfront Blues Festival
PC-853 Waynesboro-Burke Concert Series
PC-854 Wellfleet Drive-In & Cinemas
PC-855 West Winery
PC-856 Whispering Oaks Vineyard LLC
PC-857 Wild Blossom Meadery & Winery
PC-858 William Chris Vineyards
PC-859 William H. Pollack
PC-860 William Miller
PC-861 William Poole
PC-862 Willow Ridge Winery
PC-863 WillowsAwake Winery
PC-864 Wills Creek Winery
PC-865 Windmill Creek Vineyard
PC-866 WineAmerica
PC-867 WJ Dent & Sons and Chief's Bar
PC-868 Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts
PC-869 Woodward Canyon Winery
PC-870 Yakima Theaters
PC-871 Yellow Butterfly Winery
PC-872 Yepez Vineyard
PC-873 Yerba Buena Arts & Events
PC-874 Yvonne Dorman
PC-875 ZhaTahlia Kee
PC-876 ZQX Vineyards
PC-877 ZXQ Vineyards
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Updated January 11, 2023