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Antitrust Consent Decree Review Public Comments - ASCAP and BMI 2019

Comments PC-601 to PC-700

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PC-601 Pex
PC-602 Pheasant Hollow Winery, Inc.
PC-603 Phillip P. Lenz
PC-604 Phipps Center for the Arts
PC-605 Phipps Center for the Arts
PC-606 Phoenix Theatres Entertainment
PC-607 Pioneer Ventures LLC
PC-608 Plum Hill Vineyards
PC-609 Ponte Winery
PC-610 Portland'5 Centers for the Arts
PC-611 Portland'5 Centers for the Arts - Robyn Williams
PC-612 Premier Concerts
PC-613 Proctors Collaborative
PC-614 Providence Performing Arts Center (PPAC) and Professional Facilities Management (PFM)
PC-615 Public Knowledge
PC-616 Pump Haus Pub & Grill
PC-617 Queens University of Charlotte
PC-618 R Street Institute
PC-619 Radio Music License Committee (RMLC) and Digital Media Association (DiMA)
PC-620 Radix Winery
PC-621 Rainbow Hills Winery
PC-622 Ramazzotti Wines, LLC
PC-623 Randy Pryde
PC-624 Randy's Double R Bar
PC-625 RCW Restaurant Partners, LLC
PC-626 Recording Academy
PC-627 Redgate Vineyards
PC-628 Regal Entertainment Group
PC-629 Reninger Winery
PC-630 Rialto Square Theater
PC-631 RIBCO, Inc.
PC-632 Richard and Reyhan Crider
PC-633 Richard Eggleston
PC-634 Richard S. Frame
PC-635 Richard Silen
PC-636 Rick Taylor
PC-637 Ridgefield Playhouse
PC-638 Rival Entertainment
PC-639 River Center for the Performing Arts
PC-640 Rob Hyman
PC-641 Rob Thomas
PC-642 Rob Warnes
PC-643 Robert Duncan
PC-644 Rock River Tap Bar & Grill
PC-645 Rock-A-Billies Bar of Northwood
PC-646 Roger Wight
PC-647 Romano Vineyard & Winery
PC-648 Romano Vineyard and Winery
PC-649 Rosemary Gill
PC-650 Rouman Amusement Company, Inc.
PC-651 Rupp's on Washington
PC-652 Ruth Eckerd Hall - Alexis Turley
PC-653 Ruth Eckerd Hall - Anna Emerson
PC-654 Ruth Eckerd Hall - Bernard Dudley
PC-655 Ruth Eckerd Hall - Brandon Groc
PC-656 Ruth Eckerd Hall - Conner Davis
PC-657 Ruth Eckerd Hall - Deb Unangst
PC-658 Ruth Eckerd Hall - Emily Sleeper
PC-659 Ruth Eckerd Hall - Emily Sleeper
PC-660 Ruth Eckerd Hall - Jacob Rosado
PC-661 Ruth Eckerd Hall - James Leonard
PC-662 Ruth Eckerd Hall - Jan Schmall
PC-663 Ruth Eckerd Hall - Janet Macomber
PC-664 Ruth Eckerd Hall - Jonathan Walser
PC-665 Ruth Eckerd Hall - Matthew Cohen
PC-666 Ruth Eckerd Hall - Megan Brennan
PC-667 Ruth Eckerd Hall - Randy Gilmore
PC-668 Ruth Eckerd Hall - Robin Ottaviano
PC-669 Ruth Eckerd Hall - Sue Wilson
PC-670 Ruth Eckerd Hall - Susan M. Crockett
PC-671 Ruth Eckerd Hall - Terry Deeb
PC-672 Ryan Rogers
PC-673 Salem Oak Vineyards
PC-674 Salt Lake Film Society
PC-675 Sandi Engel
PC-676 Sandi Sitton
PC-677 Sandra Phelan
PC-678 Sandra Rohde
PC-679 Sandy Farris
PC-680 Sanford Center
PC-681 Sara McLarty
PC-682 Sautee Nacoochee Cultural Center
PC-683 Savor Vineyards and Wines LLC
PC-684 SC Arts Alliance
PC-685 Scot Greig
PC-686 Scott Spencer
PC-687 Seattle Center
PC-688 Sellersville Theater 1894
PC-689 Seneca Lake Wineries
PC-690 Seneca Shore Winery, Inc.
PC-691 Serpent Ridge
PC-692 Seth Glassman
PC-693 Seven Artisans Winery
PC-694 Seven Mountains Wine Cellars
PC-695 Sharon Crosby
PC-696 Sharon James Cellars
PC-697 Shelburne Vineyard
PC-698 Sheldon Arts Foundation
PC-699 Sheldon Concert Hall
PC-700 Sherrie L. Powell
Updated September 13, 2019