Fraud Section (FRD)

Fraud Section (FRD)

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Current and Former Precious Metals Traders Charged with Multi-Year Market Manipulation Racketeering Conspiracy

About the Fraud Section

The Fraud Section plays a unique and essential role in the Department's fight against sophisticated economic crime. The Section investigates and prosecutes complex white collar crime cases throughout the country. The Section is uniquely qualified to act in that capacity, based on its vast experience with sophisticated fraud schemes; its expertise in managing complex and multi-district litigation; and its ability to deploy resources effectively to address law enforcement priorities and respond to geographically shifting crime problems. These capabilities are an essential complement to the efforts of the United States Attorneys' Offices to combat white-collar crime. The Fraud Section also plays a critical role in the development of Department policy. The Section implements enforcement initiatives and advises the Department leadership on such matters as legislation, crime prevention, and public education. The Section frequently coordinates interagency and multi-district investigations and international enforcement efforts. The Section assists prosecutors, regulators, law enforcement and the private sector by providing training, advice and other assistance. The Section, often in a leadership capacity, participates in numerous national, regional and international working groups. To fulfill its mission, the Fraud Section seeks to build and enhance its most valuable resources by maximizing opportunities for its dedicated professionals. By providing direct supervision, training and mentoring for its attorneys and other professionals, the Section seeks effectively to develop the knowledge, skills and judgment required to fulfill its unique and important mission.

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Zink, Robert
Chief, Fraud Section  


Beemsterboer, Joseph
Senior Deputy Chief, Fraud Section


Kahn, Daniel
Senior Deputy Chief, Fraud Section


Weidner, Christina
Chief, A&M Unit


Medina, Allan
Chief, HCF Unit


Cestaro, Christopher
Acting Chief, FCPA Unit


Kidd, Brian
Chief, MIMF Unit


Molloy, Sally
Chief, SP&T Unit


Maurer, Kyle
Trial Attorney, MIMF Unit,
Hiring Committee Chair



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