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Community Presentations

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A library of tools for promoting the safety and well-being of older Americans

The Elder Justice Initiative is committed to strengthening awareness about elder abuse through education. The Get Involved, Get Safe community presentation series contains materials on all types of elder abuse for facilitators to use for educational purposes. Education and awareness are the first steps in helping to prevent elder abuse.

Community Presentations

Resource files, speaking guides, and hand-outs

Stop Elder Financial Abuse


Stop Elder Abuse and Neglect


12 Things Anyone Can Do to Prevent Elder Abuse
 English | Spanish | Chinese | Korean

5 Things Anyone Can Do to Prevent Elder Abuse
 English | Spanish | Chinese | Korean

Signs of Elder Abuse
 English | Spanish | Chinese | Korean

Red Flags of Abuse
 English | Chinese | Korean | Spanish | Tagalog | Vietnamese

Abuse of Residents of Long-Term Care Facilities (2012)
Consumer Fact Sheet: Financial Exploitation in Assisted Living Facilities

English | Chinese | Spanish

Consumer Fact Sheet: Financial Exploitation in Nursing Homes
English | Chinese | Spanish

Additional Materials to Use in Elder Abuse Presentations

It Takes a Village

Let's Stay Safe Financially

Fact Sheet on Older Americans

In Their Own Words: Domestic Abuse in Later Life 

The video story of 98 year old Miss Mary and her abusive grandson

An Age for Justice: Confronting Elder Abuse in America
A documentary on elder abuse, neglect and exploitation

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation: Money Smart for Older Adults
A ready-to-use, comprehensive financial education module

Desk Guide

Scams involving your Social Security number and benefits are on the rise
English | Spanish

Prepare For Emergencies Now: Information for Older Americans

DOJ EJI Elder Abuse Resource Flyer

State Elder Abuse Resource Digital Flyers

Ways to Get Involved 

By recognizing financial exploitation and scams, older Americans may avoid becoming victims

Preventing Elder Financial Abuse
Guide for family and friends of people living in nursing homes and assisted living communities.


Senior Scam Alert
Read about some of the most common scams affecting older adults.


A financial education program


Pass it On!
Share what you know to help protect someone you know from a scam


Work with sheriffs to make your community safer


Senior Medicare Patrol
Volunteer to show Medicare and Medicaid recipients how to protect against, detect, and report fraud


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