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Learn More About Types of Abuse

Financial Exploitation


Guardianship: Remedy vs. Enabler of Elder Abuse

Issue Brief: Anatomy of a Guardianship: Case Study and Red Flags for Abuse (2023)

What if Your Guardian is Not Doing What They Should?

Decision-Making Options That Are Less Restrictive Than Guardianship

Teaming Up to Fight Financial Abuse of Older Adults 2017 (COPS Community Policing Dispatch)
Article describing how multidisciplinary teams can assist law enforcement in elder abuse/financial exploitation cases.

Memorandum on Financial Institution and Law Enforcement Efforts to Combat Elder Financial Exploitation
One resource that may aid law enforcement investigations of elder financial exploitation, even at the local level, is Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) that financial institutions file with FinCEN.  Learn how SARs can assist law enforcement investigations. 

Updated April 25, 2024