About the MDT TAC

About the MDT TAC

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Learn about the Multidisciplinary Team Technical Assistance Center (MDT TAC)

Our mission is to provide tools, resource materials, and individualized consultations to facilitate the expansion of elder abuse case review multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) across the nation.

Available Services




  • Remote Consultations
    General Q&A session conducted over phone, email or video-conference regarding the planning and implementation of an elder abuse case review MDT such as:

    • Offering advice, direction, and connections
    • Discussing common pitfalls and barriers
    • Referrals to other professionals or teams
    • Other issues as needed
  • On-Site Consultations
    As approved by the Technical Assistance Center, for more complex issues that require a hands-on approach, we offer assistance with:

    • Team building
    • Project Development
    • Problem solving
    • Other issues as needed




Archived MDT News

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Call or email your requests for materials or to schedule an appointment.


Talitha Guinn-Shaver

MDT Technical Advisor

US Department of Justice




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