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Civil Rights

Enforcing federal civil rights laws in the Eastern District of North Carolina is an integral part of the U.S. Attorney’s Office’s mission.  The U.S. Attorney’s Office coordinates with the U.S. Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and other federal agencies to enforce a wide variety of federal civil rights laws that prohibit discrimination, protect constitutional rights, and affirm equal opportunity for all. 

Because civil rights laws can be enforced through both civil and criminal actions, the office has a designated Civil Rights Team that includes Civil Rights Coordinators in both the Civil and Criminal divisions. The Civil Division Coordinator directs enforcement actions related to the protection of voter rights; disability rights or access; and discrimination in housing, healthcare, lending, employment, and education. The Criminal Division Coordinator directs the investigation and prosecution of criminal enforcement actions, such as hate crimes and color of law violations. In addition, the office has a designated Human Trafficking Coordinator. The coordinators work closely with the office’s Chief Counsel for Litigation who takes on special litigative projects in the area of civil rights

As part of the office’s ongoing Civil Rights Initiative, the office will continue working with state and local law enforcement agencies and community groups to raise awareness of key civil rights issues. Examples of this ongoing community outreach include educational programs and law enforcement training.

Civil Rights Complaints

The Department of Justice welcomes information from the public regarding potential violations of federal civil rights laws, which may be submitted directly to the Civil Rights Division

If you have questions regarding how to submit a report to the Civil Rights Division, please call (202) 514-4609 (language and disability accommodation information can be found here.)

Reports may also be submitted to the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice by mailing complaints to:

U.S. Department of Justice

Civil Rights Division

950 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20530

Please be aware that the Department can only investigate and seek to remedy alleged discriminatory conduct when authorized by a specific statute and in the manner prescribed by that statute.  

 Other Resources

For more information on federal civil rights laws, please explore the following links:


Updated December 28, 2023