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Environmental Justice and Enforcement

The United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York vigorously enforces the nation’s environmental laws to address environmental, health, and climate impacts on individuals and communities within the district.  Through its casework, the Office gives force and effect to national policy, embodied in Executive Order 14008, which recognizes that “we face a climate crisis that threatens our people and communities, public health and economy, and, starkly, our ability to live on planet Earth.”   In accordance with this policy, the Office seeks to “hold polluters accountable for their actions,” and “combat the climate crisis with bold, progressive action that combines the full capacity of the Federal Government.” 

Because environmental and health hazards often have a disproportionately high and adverse impact on disadvantaged communities, the Office has established an Environmental Justice Team within the Civil Division.  The Team focuses on protecting the rights of disparately burdened residents, and is currently working on initiatives to reduce child lead exposure, ensure that residents have access to clean air, and protect groundwater, surface waters, and wetlands across New York City and Long Island.

How to Contact the Office Regarding an Environmental Justice or Enforcement Matter  

The Office welcomes information from the public regarding possible environmental, health, and climate impacts on individuals and communities in the district.  You may submit information or concerns regarding environmental justice by email, mail, or phone. 


You can send your information or concerns by email to:


You can send your information or concerns by mail to: 

U.S. Attorney’s Office, Eastern District of New York

271-A Cadman Plaza East

Brooklyn, New York 11201

Attn: Chief, Environmental Litigation, Civil Division


To submit a complaint by telephone, call 718-254-7000.

Recent Cases

Statutes We Enforce:

The Office, in coordination with the Department of Justice Environment and Natural Resources Division and partner agencies, enforces multiple federal laws covering a variety of activities that affect our environment. These statutes include:

Other Resources

In addition to the U.S. Attorney’s Office environmental justice initiative, the following websites for related federal agencies provide other helpful online resources and information: