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Victim Witness Resources

New York State Crime Victims Board (NYS CVB) (800) 247-8035

The NYS Crime Victims Board has provided substantial financial relief to victims of crime and their families by paying unreimbursed crime-related expenses, including medical and funeral expenses, loss of earnings or support, the cost to repair or replace items of essential personal property, and the cost of residing at or utilizing the services of a domestic violence shelter. If you are an innocent victim of a violent crime within New York State, you may be able to receive benefits.

New York City Crime Victims Hotline (212) 577-7777
(24-hour crisis counseling; referrals to other counseling and support groups; assistance to victims of sexual assault)

National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA) (800) TRY-NOVA (800) 879-6682

National Center for Victims of Crime
National Helpline Website
National Helpline Phone number (to call and text): (855) 484-2846
The helpline is accessible via call, text, and chat.

Domestic Violence Victims (212) 227-3000
Rape and Sexual Abuse Hotline

New York State Domestic Violence Hotline (800) 942-6906 (English) (800) 942-5908 (Spanish)

New York City Domestic Violence Hotline (Safe Horizons) (800) 621-4673
(800) 810-7444 Hearing impaired
(516) 542-0404 Nassau County Domestic Violence Hotline
(631) 360-3606 Suffolk County Domestic Violence Hotline

National Center on Elder Abuse Hotline (800) 677-1116

American Association of Retired Persons (202) 434-2277 (800) 424-3410
(800) 677-1116 Community Elder Care Locator
(800) NWC-7770 Neighbors Who Care

US Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of the Elderly and Handicapped (202) 755-53l8

Cybercrime, Fraud and Identity Theft Victims

Cybercrime and Online Fraud

Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force

Social Security Administration Fraud Hotline (800) 269-0271
Office of Inspector General

Federal Trade Commission

Equifax (800) 525-6285 (Fraud Division - (800) 525-6285

TransUnion (800) 888-4213 (Fraud Division (800) 680-7289)
TDD (800) 553-7803

Experian (888) EXPERIAN
Fraud Division (888) 397-3742

National Foundation for Consumer Credit (800) 388-2227
National Fraud Information Center (800) 876-7060
National Insurance Consumer Help Line (800) 942-4242

Updated January 3, 2023