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Externship (Academic Year) Program

The United States Attorney's Office hosts externs each academic term, September through May, from the University of Washington Law School and from Seattle University Law School.  Law school externs receive academic credits from their respective law schools based on the (documented) educational experience they gain from their work in the United States Attorney's Office. Per law school accreditation requirements, students who work in, and receive academic credits through, extern programs may not be paid for that externship.

Law student externs participate in the work of various Assistant U.S. Attorneys (AUSA) in the Civil and Criminal Divisions under the guidance of a designated AUSA Field Supervisor.  Externs have the opportunity to work on a variety of civil and criminal cases, predominantly conducting legal research and writing.  Depending on the activities of the office at the time, externs may also participate in preparations for, and attend, depositions, hearings, mediations, and trials. 

Qualifications:  Must have successfully completed at least one year of law school.  Must have superior research and writing skills, be detail oriented, be dedicated to upholding and advancing justice and human rights, and have a commitment to fairness and integrity.  Must be a United States Citizen.

Externs are subject to and must pass a background investigation.

Salary:  Volunteer (uncompensated).

Travel:  Minimum travel to other staffed or non-staffed offices in the district.

Relocation expenses:  Relocation expenses will not be authorized.

Number of positions:  Two or more.

To Apply for the Externship Program

Each application packet to the United States Attorney's Office must include:

1.             A cover letter describing your interest in an externship with the United States Attorney's Office;

2.            A resume;

3.            Your most recent available academic transcript; and

4.            A writing sample

Seattle University

If you are a Seattle University law student who wishes to apply for the externship program for credit at your law school, contact your respective Externship Coordinator at your law school to initiate the application process. 

Applications must be received a minimum of three months prior to the school term for which the externship is to begin.

Ye-Ting Woo, Field Supervisor,

University of Washington

Information on the externship program is posted for each quarter on the UW Career Service’s website, Simplicity.  Applicants may apply for the position through Simplicity or may apply directly by emailing or mailing application materials to:

Christina Fogg, Field Supervisor

UW Externship Program

U.S. Attorney’s Office

700 Stewart Street, Suite 5220

Seattle, WA 98101


Applications must be received by the following dates: 

For the Fall Quarter-May 1st of the prior Spring

For the Winter Quarter-October 15 of the prior Fall

For the Spring Quarter-January 15th of the prior Winter.


Other Universities

If you are a law student from another school and are interested in this Office’s externship program, contact one of the Field Supervisors (above) for information about placement opportunities.

Updated July 13, 2020

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