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Summer Law Clerk Program

The United States Attorney's Office takes on approximately 6 law students each summer for our summer law clerk program. The program lasts for 8-10 weeks. These clerkships are performed on an unpaid - volunteer basis.

During the summer, our clerks work in all areas of the office, both civil and criminal divisions. Attempts are made to honor the students' desires regarding areas of interest (civil versus criminal, or units within the criminal division). Law clerks research and draft civil, trial and appellate briefs and motions. The clerks work directly with Assistant U.S. Attorneys enabling them to meet and work with many different attorneys throughout the summer. Each summer clerk also has one mentoring attorney who provides assistance and support consistently throughout the summer.

The summer law clerk program also involves a series of "brown bag" lunches with a variety of speakers from the federal judicial/legal systems. In past years, speakers have included federal judges, public defenders, law enforcement agents, U.S. Marshals and probation officers. We also regularly include a "field trip" to the Federal Detention Center, operated by the Bureau of Prisons, in SeaTac, Washington, a firearms "shoot" with ATF agents, and a visit to Joint Base Lewis McChord JAG unit.

Applications may be submitted beginning in September preceeding the summer for which application is made. The deadline for summer clerkships applications is January 5 of the year for which application is made. Clerkships are available to students who have completed either their first or second year of law school.

Final hiring decisions for summer clerkships are made on February 1.

If you wish to apply for the externship program for credit at your school, contact your respective Externship Coordinator at your law school to initiate the application process.

To Apply for the Summer Law Clerk Program

If you are a law student who wishes to apply for the summer law clerk program you must submit an application packet containing:

  1. A cover letter describing your interest in a summer clerkship with the United States Attorney's Office
  2. A resume
  3. Your current academic transcript
  4. A writing sample


Applications can be emailed or mailed to the following addresses:

US Attorney's Office
ATTN: Summer Law Clerk Committe
700 Stewart Street, Suite 5220
Seattle, WA 98101

Updated December 10, 2020

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