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USDOJ: Antitrust Division 1996 Press Releases

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December 3, 1996

Former Top ADM Executives, Japanese Executive, Indicted in Lysine Price Fixing Conspiracy

Justice Closes Investigation Into the Way AC Nielsen Co. Contracts Its Services for Tracking Retail Sales


November 21, 1996

Justice Asks for Public Comments about Bell Operating Companies' Entry into Long Distance

November 18, 1996

Justice Department Agrees to Changes to 1979 Coffee, Sugar & Cocoa Exchange Consent Decree

November 15, 1996

Sixth Individual Charged in Northern Virginia Real Estate Auction Bid Rigging Investigation

November 13, 1996

Justice Department Will Not Challenge Formation of Rural Hospital Network in Wisconsin

November 6, 1996

Minnesota Advertising Display Executive Agrees to Plead Guilty and Pay $350,000 Fine for Rigging Bids and Fixing Prices on Brewery Contracts

November 5, 1996

Antitrust Division Statement Regarding Pacific Telesis/ SBC Communications Merger

Justice Department Requires US WEST to Sell Continental's Interest in Teleport Communications Group In Order to Go Ahead with Merger

November 1, 1996

Department of Justice Approves Proposal By Group of Garment and Athletic Shoe Manufacturers to Discuss Labor Standards


October 29, 1996

Former New York Display Materials Supplier to Philip Morris Indicted in Bid Rigging and Tax Fraud Conspiracies

October 24, 1996

Justice Requires Boston-based American Radio Systems Corp. To Divest Three Rochester, New York Radio Stations

October 17, 1996

Justice Department Will Not Challenge Merger of Annapolis Anesthesiologists

October 16, 1996

Houston Executive Charged With Fixing Prices on Insulation for Metal Buildings

October 15, 1996

Archer Daniels Midland Co. to Plead Guilty and Pay $100 Million for Role in Two International-Fixing Conspiracies

October 10, 1996

Douglas Melamed Named Antitrust Deputy for Civil, Appellate and International Matters

October 4, 1996

Justice Department Will Not Challenge Network of Home Health Care Providers in Mississippi

Justice Department Will Not Challenge the Formation of a Network of Cincinnati Orthopedic Surgeons

October 3, 1996

Two Former Antitrust Division Heads Receive Justice Department's 1996 John Sherman Award


September 26, 1996

Ohio Explosives Co. and Executive Plead Guilty to Price Fixing in Explosives Industry, Pay More Than $7 Million

Mexican-Based Tampico Producer and Texas Distributor Charged With Price Fixing

San Diego Banknotes Dealer Charged With Rigging Bids at New York Rare Banknotes Auction

September 24, 1996

Justice and State Attorney Generals Revise Thomson/West Merger Settlement

September 20, 1996

Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission Urge Virginia Bar to Allow Non-Lawyers to Participate in Real Estate Closings

September 19, 1996

Six Companies Plead Guilty to Price Fixing in Explosives Industry

September 16, 1996

Jacor Agrees Not To Finance Tsunami's Purchase of Cincinnati Radio Station After Justice Department Expresses Concerns

September 13, 1996

Justice Department and Texas Attorney General Require Restructuring of Tortilla Flour Merger

September 12, 1996

Two Northern Virginians Indicted in Real Estate Bid Rigging Scam

September 5, 1996

Southern Florida Company Charged With Rigging Bids on Military Insignia

September 4, 1996

Justice Opposes Delay in Implementing FCC Rules to Promote Local Telephone Competition

September 3, 1996

Justice Department and Connecticut Attorney General Require Restructuring of Asphalt Deal in Hartford, Connecticut


August 30, 1996

Justice Department, Texas & Pennsylvania Attorney General Offices Reach Agreement in Waste Company Acquisition

Justice Department Clears Restructured Westinghouse Air Brake Co. Deal with Vapor Corp.

August 29, 1996

Michigan Door Manufacturer Agrees to Plead Guilty and Pay $1.55 Million Fine for Price Fixing

Massachusetts Tampico Fiber Distributor Charged in Price Fixing Conspiracy

Justice Department Approves Ingersoll-Rand's Acquisition of Zimmerman International

August 28, 1996

Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission Issue Revised Antitrust Guidelines For The Health Care Industry

August 27, 1996

Justice Department Takes First Action Against International Food and Feed Additive Price Fixers

August 26, 1996

Ohio Construction Company Manager Charged With Bid Rigging

August 22, 1996

Justice Department Stops Virginia Wine & Spirits Importers' Association From Imposing an Additional Cost on Competitors

August 15, 1996

Justice Department will not Challenge Proposal to Form Health Care Network in Central Rural California

August 13, 1996

San Diego Fast Food Franchisor Will Pay $1.45 Million Civil Penalty for Violating Antitrust Premerger Reporting Requirements

August 12, 1996

Justice Department Clears Outdoor Systems Inc. Acquisition of Certain Gannett Co. Assets Following Denver Billboard Business Sale

Joel Klein to Become Acting Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust

August 5, 1996

Justice Department Requires Jacor to Sell Cincinnati Radio Station

August 1, 1996

Statement from Attorney General Reno Regarding the Resignation of Assistant Attorney General Anne K. Bingaman as Head of the Department's Antitrust Division

Justice Sues GE Co. for Using Licensing Agreements to Restrict Competition


July 24, 1996

Justice Department Approves Network of El Paso General Surgeons

July 17, 1996

Justice Charges 24 Major NASDAQ Securities Firms With Fixing Transaction Costs for Investors

July 12, 1996

New York City Military Insignia Co. Charged With Price Fixing

July 3, 1996

Justice Department Approves Cooperative Activities of Nuclear Power Electric Utilities

Statement on the Surface Transportation Board's Approval of the Union Pacific and Southern Pacific Merger

July 2, 1996

Justice Department Agrees to Terminate Last Provisions of IBM Consent Decree in Stages Ending 5 Years From Today

Justice Department will not Challenge Proposal to Form a Physicians Group to Provide Medical Services in Connecticut

July 1, 1996

Justice Department Protects Competition in Acquisition Involving Starch-Processing Enzymes

Justice Department Will Not Challenge Proposal by Arizona Doctors to Form a Network of Colon and Rectal Specialists


June 28, 1996

Justice Department Will not Challenge Formation of Plastic Surgeon Network in Connecticut

June 27, 1996

Justice Department Allows Association of Independent Automotive Damage Appraisers to Establish National Marketing Program

June 26, 1996

Massachusetts and South Carolina Plastic Dinnerware Companies and Their Presidents Indicted in Price Fixing Conspiracy

June 25, 1996

Justice Department Takes Action to Restore Competition to the $100 Million North American Laminated Tube Market

June 20, 1996

Justice Department Takes Action to Stop Southern Florida Outdoor Umbrella Company from Fixing Resale Prices

June 19, 1996

Justice Department and 7 State Attorneys General Require Thomson Corp. and West Publishing Co. to Restructure $3.4 Billion Merger

June 18, 1996

Justice Department Requires Bank of Boston and Baybanks to Divest More Than 20 Branches, Worth $860 Million, In Order to Merge

South Dakota Dairy Agrees to Plead Guilty and Pay a $250,000 Fine for its Participation in a Milk Price Fixing Conspiracy

June 17, 1996

Park Corporation Abandons Bid for Johnstown Corp. After Justice Department Says Deal Would Trigger a Court Challenge

June 14, 1996

Justice Department Approves Proposal to Reduce Business Disputes in the Shipping Industry

June 13, 1996

Justice Department Protects Competition in Merger Involving Houston Oil Well Equipment Makers

June 11, 1996

Justice Department Requires American Skiing Co. To Divest Two New England Ski Resorts

June 10, 1996

Two Former Suppliers of Display Materials to Philp Morris and Their Saleswoman Indicted in Bid Rigging Conspiracy

June 6, 1996

Former Philip Morris Director of Purchasing Charged With Tax Evasion in New York

June 5, 1996

Divestiture Resolves Justice Department Objections to Oil Industry Merger

June 4, 1996

Former New York Supplier of Display Materials to Philip Morris Indicted in Bid Rigging and Tax Fraud Conspiracies

June 3, 1996

Justice Department Urges Denial of Union Pacific/Southern Pacific Merger


May 30, 1996

Justice Department Calls on the FCC to Adopt Strong Policies to Promote Local Telephone Competition

Justice Department Files Criminal and Civil Charges in Conspiracy to Fix Prices of Tampico Fiber

May 29, 1996

Justice Allows UNC Inc. to Purchase CFC Aviation Services L. P.

May 28, 1996

Justice Moves to Stop Anticompetitive Actions of National Medical Residency Trade Association

May 16, 1996

Justice Department Urges FCC to Take Bold Steps to Promote Local Telephone Competition

May 13, 1996

Justice Department allows Texas Oil Drilling Firms' Proposal to Form Joint-Purchasing Agent to Procure Chinese Barite

May 7, 1996

Illinois Tire Manufacturer Will Pay $130,000 Civil Penalty for Violating Antitrust Premerger Reporting Requirements


April 24, 1996

Three Japanese Executives Indicted in Fax Paper Price Fixing Probe (04/24/1996)

Justice Department will not Challenge Proposal to Form Hospice Network in New Jersey

April 23, 1996

Louisiana Woman's Hospital and PMO Charged With Reducing Competition and Dictating Higher Prices for Obstetrical Care

April 18, 1996

West Virginia Metals Producer Pleads Guilty to Nationwide Price-Fixing Conspiracy

Florida Aluminum Company and Its Owner Charged With Fixing Prices

April 16, 1996

Justice Department will not Challenge Washington, D.C. Area Credit Unions' Sponsorship of New Car Tent Sale

April 12, 1996

Justice Department Has Antitrust Concerns About Union Pacific/Southern Pacific Railroad Merger


March 29, 1996

Justice Department Requires Georgia-Pacific to Divest two Gypsum Drywall Plants

March 28, 1996

Justice Department's Antitrust Division Issues Achievements Report

March 27, 1996

Justice Department Attorney Receives the Antitrust Division's First Annual Neil Roberts Award

New Jersey Computer Software Co. to Pay $2.97 Million Civil Penalty for Failing to Provide Documents Required for Merger

March 19, 1996

Justice Department will not Challenge Proposal to Form Network of Allergists in New England

Justice Department will not Challenge Merger of Two Northern Minnesota Physician Clinics

March 11, 1996

Justice Department Reaches Agreement With Corestates and Meridian for Over $400 Million Divestiture in Pennsylvania

March 8, 1996

Justice Department Concludes Joint Venture of Anesthesia Groups in California Poses Substantial Risk of Competitive Harm

March 6, 1996

Delaware Explosives Company Agrees to Plead Guilty and Pay $950,000 for Rigging Bids on Commercial Explosives Contracts to Alaska Customers

March 5, 1996

Justice Department Will Not Challenge Proposal to Form Physician-Hospital Network in Nothern Georgia

March 1, 1996

Justice Department Won't Approve New Jersey Pediatricians' Network Proposal


February 29, 1996

Justice Department Challenges Rhode Island Dental Group's Agreements That Discourage Discounting

February 28, 1996

Justice Department Seeks Complete Removal of AT&T Consent Decree

Justice Department and California Attorney General's Office Reach Agreement With Wells Fargo for $2.54 Billion Divestiture in California

February 23, 1996

Justice Department Clears Proposal to Allow Intermodal Marketing Companies to Improve Efficiency in the Transport Business

February 22, 1996

Justice Department Clears Proposal to Provide Real-Time Computerized Trading of Electric Power on a Next-Hour Basis

Justice Department Approves the Creation of Energy Exchange for Trading Short-Term Electric Power

February 20, 1996

Justice Department Issues 1994 and 1995 Annual Supplements to the "Digest of Business Reviews"

February 15, 1996

Justice Department Puts an End to the Two Largest Solid Waste Hauling and Disposal Companies' Monopolistic Practices

February 6, 1996

Sara Lee Will Pay Record $3.1 Million Civil Penalty for Violating Antitrust Premerger Notification Requirements

Justice Department Reaches Settlement With Texas TV Network Affiliates to Put An End to Their Collusive Agreements

February 1, 1996

Statement of Antitrust Chief Anne K. Bingaman on Passage of Telecommunications Reform Legislation


January 30, 1996

Justice Department Moves to Block Retailers of Scuba and Diving Equipment From Curbing Mail Order Competition

January 29, 1996

Justice Department Preserves Competition in Market for Drinking Water Quality Monitors

January 17, 1996

Justice Department Approves Proposal to Form Physician Network in Oklahoma

January 16, 1996

Justice Department Clears Walt Disney/Capital Cities/ABS Merger After Disney Announces Plans to Sell Los Angeles TV Station

Justice Department Clears Bank Merger Between First Bank/First Interstate After Parties Agree to $170 Million Divestiture

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