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EOUSA Resource Manual

150. Motor Vehicle Management—Acquisition of Leased Government Vehicles

See generally USAM  3-13.500.

Please contact your EOUSA budget analyst for funding information. When acquiring a vehicle please provide the GSA Fleet Management Office with the following billing information:

Agency Bureau Number: 1535

BOAC Number: 153153

The GSA Fleet Management Center will provide your district with GSA Form 1152, Vehicle Assign/Term Form, to be signed by the employee picking up the vehicle. Districts must include their direct, OCDETF, or asset forfeiture accounting classification code in the "ACCT 1" and "ACCT 2" sections of this form. You should maintain the Form 1152 in your files, along with any other pertinent data and forward a copy of the form to the Assistant Director, FMSS. The FMSS staff maintains a data base of all vehicles and reports them to the Justice Management Division's Property Management Staff, who has oversight responsibilities on all Department of Justice vehicles.

When reporting mileage of each assigned vehicle to the Fleet Management Center on GSA Form 494, you must complete the "Fund Code" section with your district's GSA fund code and the "ACCT 1" and "ACCT 2" sections with your direct, OCDETF, or asset forfeiture accounting classification code.

Internal control procedures should be in place within your district to ensure controlled parking, key access, dispatch, mileage, use of the government credit card, and "official use" of leased vehicles. Please be advised, using a vehicle for "home to work" transportation is only authorized when approved in advance by the Attorney General.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Joan M. Benson

Assistant Director

Facilities Management and Support Services

(202) 616-6425


[added February 1998] [cited in USAM 3-13.500]