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EOUSA Resource Manual

160. Space Allocation Standards for USAOs—II. Office Location

  1. Office Space

    1. Geographic

      The USAO office, whenever possible, should be located:

      1. in the United States Courthouse or Federal Building, or

      2. within a four block radius of the United States Courthouse, and/or

      3. within the Central Business District (CBD).

    2. Within the Building

      1. On the third floor or above, and not on the top floor.

      2. In contiguous space on one or more floors. "Contiguous" space is space which maintains a common border or boundary with other USAO space, i.e. within one secured perimeter on each floor. Contiguous space may also be defined as space on two or more floors, for example on floors three, four, and five.

      3. Not on the same floor with the Office of Probation, Pre-Trial Services, Public Defender, or other tenants who, by the nature of their business may pose an increased risk to USAO operations (i.e. drug treatment services, homeless or employment services, or criminal attorneys).

    3. Trial Preparation Space Retained In Courthouses

      1. When the USAO is located outside of the Courthouse, the office should be provided with a Trial Preparation Suite within the Courthouse. The suggested space program includes:

        • two Assistant U.S. Attorney offices (180 square feet each

        • one Witness Interview Room (190 square feet)

        • one Trial Preparation/Conference Room (300 square feet)

        • a Visitor Waiting Area (150 square feet)

        • a Secure File Room (150 square feet)

        • a Copy/Fax Room (150 square feet)

        • an open work area (typically 200 square feet)

        • two Parking Spaces (300 square feet each)

      Total typical Trial Preparation Suite: 1,500 square feet of office space.

      The Trial Preparation Suite may be smaller, depending on the amount of available space in the Courthouse and the size and requirements of the USAO. Depending on operational requirements, ballistic material may be specified in the Visitor Waiting Area.

    4. The presence of prisoners in the U.S. Attorney's office space, for any reason, is not recommended. It is recognized that operational or other considerations will sometimes necessitate bringing prisoners into the office. This may be done, with proper security precautions, at the discretion of the U.S. Attorney.

  2. Official Paid Parking Spaces

    1. Parking spaces should be located in a controlled access garage or parking lot, on site preferred, off site accepted. Examples of controlled access to parking are a ticket booth or card reader with gate barriers, guard presence at entrance, or closed circuit television (CCTV). The least desirable parking location is in an uncontrolled, public access parking garage or lot.

    2. Parking spaces should be marked "Reserved" and randomly numbered or lettered for assignment. In no case should a parking space be reserved with a sign which indicates the occupant's name, title, Department of Justice, or United States Attorney's Office.

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[updated February 1999]