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EOUSA Resource Manual

159. Space Allocation Standards for USAOs—I. General



  1. Purpose






    1. Provide a guide for identifying, developing and projecting space requirements for United States Attorneys' offices (USAO's).

    2. Ensure that all USAOs receive equal treatment in the allocation of space.

    3. Provide a professional office environment.

    4. Identify minimum physical security requirements for each space assignment.

    These standards should be implemented where possible. Because of unique circumstances within a geographic area or building site, it may not be possible to adhere to all aspects of these standards. In such cases, an attempt should be made to adhere to the standards as closely as possible.

  2. Scope


    1. The standards will be applied to all new requests submitted after the effective date of the standards. Compliance is required for all new projects for construction, renovation, relocation, and parking assignments.

    2. The standards will not be applied to existing conditions unless otherwise determined by the Executive Office for United States Attorneys (EOUSA).

  3. Policy









    1. EOUSA will provide all USAOs with a professional, safe and secure office work environment.

    2. EOUSA will provide official paid parking spaces for official government vehicles, handicapped employees, and employee owned vehicles consistent with the criteria stated in the United States Attorney's Manual, Chapter 3-14.200.

    3. EOUSA will continue to work with the General Services Adminstration (GSA) to acquire space for USAOs.

    4. When the USAO is to be moved to either leased or Federal space, a minimum occupancy of 10 years should be guaranteed, with an option to vacate after five years.

    5. Physical security systems are established for USAOs and designed to provide sufficient countermeasures to lessen existing threats.

    6. Federal Protective Service (FPS) or an EOUSA/Security and Emergency Management Staff approved contractor will be responsible for the installation, maintenance, and monitoring of security systems.

    7. A Federal Protective Service (FPS) Crime Survey will be performed for the proposed location of the office before the EOUSA commits to a location.

    8. Due to limited resources, security systems are intended to protect against probable threats, not all possible threats.

  4. Authority




    1. The Assistant Director, Facilities Management and Support Services (FMSS), EOUSA is designated authority to acquire or release space, certify and fund construction and alteration projects, approve Occupancy Agreements (OA), and monitor and maintain the overall space inventory for USAOs. Requests for space must be submitted to FMSS for action with GSA.

    2. The Assistant Director, Security Programs Staff (SPS), EOUSA is delegated authority to develop, implement, and oversee the security policies and physical security requirements for all USAOs. Requests for physical security requirements must be submitted to SPS for action with GSA.

    3. Questions or disputes over the application of the standard shall be referred to EOUSA. Requests for waivers or exceptions to the standard should be submitted in writing to either the Assistant Director, FMSS, or to the Assistant Director, SPS.

    4. Authorities and Regulations:







      1. Public Law 98-473, $5,000 limitation on renovating, decorating and furnishing of Presidential appointees office space.

      2. Justice Property Management Regulations, 128-1.605-1, General Delegation of Authority by DOJ.

      3. U.S. Attorney's Manual, Chapter 3-14 Space Management

      4. 41 CFR 101-20.104-2, Allocation and assignment of employeeparking spaces.

      5. U. S. Attorney's Manual, Chapter 3-14.200 Parking Space f)E.O. 12072 CBD, satisfying space requests within the CBD

      6. 41 CFR 101.20.103, physical protection and building security

      7. 41 CFR 101.20.1, Building Operations, Maintenance, Protection, and Alterations

    [updated March 2014]