ICITAP provides technical assistance and training to help develop corrections facilities, staff, and operations. Key to ICITAP's work is helping foreign countries build prisons and jails that operate according to rule-of-law principles and that meet internationally recognized standards.

ICITAP's training in corrections includes:

  • Prisoner intake, handling, and care
  • Prisoner classification systems
  • Medical services, family visits, and other inmate services
  • Facility maintenance and security

The goal of ICITAP's work is to instill values that enhance the professional culture in jails and prisons. Specialized technical assistance and training includes the humane treatment of prisoners, investigating complaints of abuse, gang management, and emergency response. See Organizational development for more on ICITAP's work in developing the administrative, management, and leadership skills of corrections officials.

Corrections System Development in Iraq

One example of ICITAP's work in corrections is Iraq, where ICITAP is working with the Iraqi Corrections Service (ICS) to rebuild the national prison system. ICITAP is helping the ICS activate a 900-bed prison in Baghdad to manage the country's rapidly growing prison population. ICITAP also is improving human rights practices by promoting international standards in the prisons and by helping to establish an internal affairs unit at ICS headquarters.

Updated February 10, 2016

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