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Organizational Development

Organizational Development

Many of ICITAP's technical assistance and training programs contain an organizational development component. Organizational development is essential to rebuilding basic functioning systems in countries undergoing post-conflict reconstruction, and to reinforcing law enforcement reforms in developing countries. Organizational development encompasses management and administration, and leadership mentoring. ICITAP works with first-line supervisors, mid-level managers, and executives to improve their skills in:

  • Organizational restructuring
  • Recruitment and promotion
  • Establishing policies and procedures
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Personnel deployment
  • Logistical support


Here are a few examples of ICITAP's work in the organizational development of law enforcement institutions around the globe:

Military to Civilian Model Transformation in Asia

ICITAP has assisted in the transition and transformation of police forces from military to civilian models—for example, in Indonesia and the Philippines. Critical to the transformation process in Indonesia has been the adoption of numerous best practices in law enforcement, including a use-of-force policy and use-of-force continuum, supported by practical training and enforcement. In the Philippines, ICITAP is assisting the Philippine national police in the implementation of its ten-year Integrated Transformation Plan. One component of this plan involves the creation of model police stations; ICITAP is helping the police adopt and institutionalize a wide array of contemporary law enforcement skills and tactics that will build and strengthen the overall capabilities of the police organization.

Police Law Development in Albania

ICITAP has provided advice on new or revised police laws that improve the professionalism of police forces and their resources to fight crime. In Albania, ICITAP promoted the development and passage of the 2007 State Police Law. ICITAP and its international partners provided expert testimony to parliament on key provisions relating to human rights, search and seizure, and witness protection.

Policy and Procedures Development in South Africa

ICITAP helps develop police procedures manuals and provides training to support implementation. In South Africa, ICITAP worked with the Johannesburg police to create a manual that addresses operational procedures, personnel management systems, recruitment, and leadership accountability. ICITAP also assisted in creating another operating procedures manual that covers issues such as ethics, use of force, conflicts of interest, and corruption.

Human Resources Management in Europe

ICITAP provides support to improve human resources management within police departments. With special advisors in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Albania, and Macedonia, ICITAP has offered guidance in creating a rank structure—including merit-based promotion practices—that increased professionalism throughout the police forces. In these countries, improvements to hiring and training processes have allowed the restructuring of personnel and other resources to fight organized crime.

Updated February 10, 2016

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