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District of Wyoming

About the District of Wyoming

As the chief federal law enforcement officer in Wyoming, it is the responsibility of the United States Attorney and their staff to guide federal investigations and prosecute offenders for the federal crimes they have committed. The United States Attorney’s Office also defends and advances the interests of the United States in civil litigation and takes action to collect debts owed to the United States when those debts are administratively uncollectible. We strive to protect and serve the citizens and residents of the United States in Wyoming by undertaking legal activities that are fair and ethical, and by engaging in prevention efforts to help individuals avoid victimization.

Our attorneys and staff are devoted public servants who work diligently. This site offers information about who we are, the work we do on behalf of the citizens and residents of the United States and how we are organized to complete that work.

Meet the United States Attorney

Nicholas Vassallo
United States Attorney

Cheyenne: (307) 772-2124
Casper: (307) 261-5434


Nicholas Vassallo