Redacted Leniency Letters

The Antitrust Division considers the confidentiality afforded in its leniency program to be a hallmark of the program and holds the identity of, and information provided by, leniency applicants in strict confidence. However, in light of the Court's opinion in FOIA litigation titled Stolt-Nielsen Transportation Group Ltd. v. United States, 534 F.3d 728 (D.C. Cir. 2008), and the settlement agreement reached by the parties, the Division has released redacted copies of its leniency (amnesty) letters to its FOIA electronic reading room to give the public equal access to the terms and conditions of the letters.

In order to protect the identity of leniency applicants, the information provided by the applicants, and the integrity of enforcement proceedings, under FOIA Exemptions 7(A) and 7(D), 5 U.S.C. §§ 552(b)(7)(A) and (D), confidential information falling within the following six categories has been redacted from the letters: (1) names, titles and other personal and corporate identifiers; (2) dates and temporal information; (3) industries; (4) miscellaneous identifiers and confidential source provided information; (5) geographic information; and (6) specific cartel conduct and offense descriptions. To further protect the confidentiality of the leniency applicants, the redacted letters are arranged in random, non-chronological order within two groups or batches. The first batch of letters spans the period from the August 10, 1993 issuance of the Division's Corporate Leniency Policy until the Division's announcement of a model leniency letter on April 1, 1998. The second batch of letters spans the period from April 1,1998 until the Division issued a set of revised model leniency letters on November 19, 2008. The Division conducted a reasonable search for leniency letters and has released all the letters it located that were dated before November 19, 2008.

In order to mitigate concerns that the identity of specific leniency applicants or the information provided by applicants could be determined, even with redactions, the Division is able to release redacted leniency letters in large batches only, such as the groups of letters below. Additional large batches of redacted leniency letters will be added to the Web site at future intervals.

Redacted Leniency Letters -- August 10, 1993 through March 31, 1998

ATR/FOIA-1 to ATR/FOIA-61 (Accessible text)

Redacted Leniency Letters -- April 1, 1998 through November 18, 2008

ATR/FOIA-62 to ATR/FOIA-100 (Accessible text)

ATR/FOIA-101 to ATR/FOIA-149 (Accessible text)

ATR/FOIA-150 to ATR/FOIA-199 (Accessible text)

ATR/FOIA-200 to ATR/FOIA-251 (Accessible text)

ATR/FOIA-252 to ATR/FOIA-299 (Accessible text)

ATR/FOIA-300 to ATR/FOIA-353 (Accessible text)

ATR/FOIA-354 to ATR/FOIA-400 (Accessible text)

ATR/FOIA-401 to ATR/FOIA-450 (Accessible text)

ATR/FOIA-451 to ATR/FOIA-499 (Accessible text)

ATR/FOIA-500 to ATR/FOIA-532 (Accessible text)

Redacted Leniency Letters – November 19, 2008 through January 17, 2017


ATR/FOIA-533 to ATR/FOIA-582 (Accessible Text)

ATR/FOIA-583 to ATR/FOIA-628 (Accessible Text)

ATR/FOIA-629 to ATR/FOIA-675 (Accessible Text)

ATR/FOIA-676 to ATR/FOIA-723 (Accessible Text)

ATR/FOIA-724 to ATR/FOIA-768 (Accessible Text)

ATR/FOIA-769 to ATR/FOIA-813 (Accessible Text)

ATR/FOIA-814 to ATR/FOIA-862 (Accessible Text)

ATR/FOIA-863 to ATR/FOIA-906 (Accessible Text)

ATR/FOIA-907 to ATR/FOIA-950 (Accessible Text)

ATR/FOIA-951 to ATR/FOIA-1000 (Accessible Text)

ATR/FOIA-1001 to ATR/FOIA-1050 (Accessible Text)

ATR/FOIA-1051 to ATR/FOIA-1096 (Accessible Text)

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