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Victim Witness Program

The United States Attorney’s Office’s Victim Witness Program assists victims of federal crime during the prosecution process, provides information and referrals, helps ensure that victims’ rights are upheld, and notifies victims of public court proceedings. Program employees also serve as a central point of contact for federal witnesses and provide logistical information to individuals who have been designated as witnesses by the prosecution. Being a victim of, or a witness to, a crime can be a difficult, even devastating, experience. Victims and witnesses often feel frustrated, confused, or overwhelmed by the criminal justice system and their role in the process. Our Victim Witness staff is available to help.

If you are a federal victim, witness, or victim service provider, the following links will take you directly to information you may need (if a link is not active, there is no information we are providing at this time):


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Updated April 28, 2023