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About the United States Attorney's Office

United States Attorney Gary M. Restaino leads the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Arizona. The office is composed of approximately 180 assistant United States Attorneys (AUSAs) and approximately 160 support staff members spread out into two large offices in Phoenix and Tucson, and two small offices in Yuma and Flagstaff. Because of its size and location, the District of Arizona faces unique geographical challenges and resource demands. In addition to sharing a 375-mile border with Mexico, the office also handles one of the most robust Indian Country dockets in the country and serves as the exclusive felony prosecutor for nearly all of the 22 federally-recognized tribes whose reservations fall in whole or in part in Arizona. As a result, the office’s charging figures are consistently among the highest of all United States Attorney’s Offices.

An organizational chart of the office can be found here.



Updated February 9, 2022