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Criminal Division

National Security Section handles cases and investigations related to domestic and international terrorism, counter espionage, export violations, and unlawful threats.

Violent Crimes Sections prosecute felonies that occur in Arizona’s tribal communities as well as cases involving weapons smuggling, human trafficking, bank robberies, hate crimes, and crimes against children.

Financial Crimes and Public Corruption Sections prosecute large, complex financial crimes including investment fraud, health care fraud, and securities fraud. Additionally, these AUSAs handle public corruption matters, criminal civil rights cases and election-related threats.

Organized Crime, Drug Enforcement and Asset Forfeiture Sections prosecute organized crime and complex drug trafficking cases. By targeting the command and control level of criminal organizations, AUSAs in this group work to dis-mantle them through prosecution and property seizures.

​​​​​​​Southwest Border Sections prosecute immigration cases, alien smuggling cases, and border drug crimes in a fast-paced environment.  The AUSAs in these sections spend most of their time in court.

Updated April 18, 2023