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Victim Notifications

The U.S. Attorney's Offices within the U.S. Department of Justice established the Victim Witness Program in 1984. All victims and witnesses of federal crime receive assistance and protection in which they are entitled under the law.

This page is a resource of mass victim notifications. For specific questions, please email Victim Witness Services at

Below are cases organized in Alphabetical order which link to a page with further information.

US v. Anwar Barragan-Flores et. al.

US v. Danny’s Management Services, LLC, et. al.

US v. Fouts, Timothy David

US vs. Trevor Gabler et. al.

US v.

US v. Krajekian, Garbis Aram

US v. Amber Nicole Lamb & Randy Mitchell Kinny

US v. Lane, Jason Ray

US v. Longoria et. al.

US v. Mogler et. al.

US v. Woodard, Karen L.


Updated December 10, 2018

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