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Community Outreach

The AZUSAO is involved in community outreach efforts across the district.  The goal of the District’s community outreach is to develop links with local community groups and community organizations to inform them of the federal laws that impact them and the people they serve.  Additionally, the outreach efforts are designed to create a conduit for community groups to access in the event that someone they serve has been the victim of a federal crime or civil rights violation. 
The AZUSAO conducts its outreach through Civil Rights Forums, Mortgage Fraud Outreach and general speaking activities or events.

  • Civil Rights Forums – The USAO designed a series of civil rights forums to educate the community about federal civil rights laws including issues of official misconduct, the new federal statutes on hate crimes and the investigation and prosecution of violations.
  • Mortgage Fraud Outreach – The AZUSAO provides general outreach on mortgage fraud prevention to community groups on a regular basis.  Additionally, the AZUSAO created a mortgage fraud panel comprised of various community groups and victim advocates.  The members of the panel play a critical role in keeping USAO prosecutors informed of emerging trends of victimization as well as assist in identifying and referring victims and cases.  The panel meets quarterly and the USA attends neighborhood and community meeting regularly to inform them of the efforts undertaken by the USAO.

The US Attorney and Community Outreach staff attend community meetings throughout Arizona and are available to speak at local events and community meetings.  To request a guest speaker send an e-mail with details to

Updated February 11, 2015

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