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Law Enforcement Coordination

Law Enforcement Coordination and Prevention and Reentry Services

The United States Attorney’s Office employs a Reentry and Law Enforcement Coordination Specialist (“LEC”).  Reentry is a term used to reference the process by which incarcerated persons return to their communities after serving a sentence. The LEC serves as a point of contact for all law enforcement agencies within Arizona and for prevention and reentry services. The LEC helps coordinate training provided to Arizona law enforcement agencies at the tribal, federal, state and local level, and promotes efficient and effective communication between Arizona’s law enforcement agencies. The LEC also (1) provides training and technical assistance related to prevention and reentry programming at the tribal, state, county and non-government agencies; (2) serves as a liaison between non-federal agencies and federal agencies as it relates to prevention and reentry services; and (3) develops and implements strategies to reduce recidivism.

Updated July 13, 2020