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ASCAP and BMI Consent Decree Review Public Comments 2015

American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers/Broadcast Music, Inc.

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Public Comments

As part of its review of the ASCAP and BMI consent decrees, the Antitrust Division invited the public to submit comments on the licensing of jointly owned works. The comment period ended November 20, 2015. This page contains links to all of the submitted comments..

Comments Submitted by Organizations

American Beverage Licensees (ABL)
ASCAP Songwriters and Publishers
Association of Independent Music Publishers
BMI Songwriters and Publishers
Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA)
Downtown Music Publishing, LLC
Future of Music Coalition
Modern Works Music Publishing
Music Choice
Music Creators North America
Nashville Songwriters Association International
National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (The Recording Academy).
National Association of Broadcasters, iHeartMedia, Inc., the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, the National Religious Broadcasters Music License Committee, Netflix Inc., Pandora Media, Inc., the Radio Music License Committee, Inc., Rhapsody International Inc., Sirius XM Radio, Inc., the Television Music License Committee, LLC, and Viacom Inc.
National Music Publishers’ Association
National Music Publishers’ Association
Performing Right Society Limited
Public Knowledge
Rights Management Holdings LLC
Royalty Review Council
Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN)
SONA – Songwriters of North America (Los Angeles Branch)
Songpreneur Community
Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
The National Music Publishers’ Association Songwriter Advisory Council (NMPA–SAC)
WineAmerica, the National Association of American Wineries
Wixen Music Publishing, Inc.

Comments Submitted by Individuals

Albert, Kenneth
Allender, Jason
Audio, Tommy
Bacharach, Burt; Bettis, John; Dixie Chicks (Natalie Maines, Martie Maguire, Emily Robison); Henley, Don; John, Sir Elton; Knight, Holly; Nichols, Tim; Perry, Steve; Ritchie, Robert (aka "Kid Rock"); and Taupin, Bernie
Baker, Bonnie
Batek, Mike & Denise
Bellemare, Daniel Martin
Blume, Jason
Bogard, Steve
Bogart, Evan Kidd
Bonds, Marlin
Brabec, Todd
Brockman, Sarah
Brown, L. Russell
Busbee, Michael James Ryan
Campolo, Nick
Castle, Christian L.
Chambers, George
Conder, Tim
Cooper, Jay
Cress, Larry
Cropper, Steve
Cumbee, Josh
Curry, Eugene ("Lambchops")
Davidson, Dallas
Delfino, Jim
Desser, Charles (CMDess)
DeStefano Christopher
Deutsch, L. Peter
Dioguardi, Kara
DiSandro, Dean
Dobson, Albert
Donley, Kelly
Douglas, Ross
Eastman, Lee (for Billy Joel)
Edmonds, Kenneth "Babyface"
Fagenson, Tony
Fox, Charles
Frederic, Eric
Frederic, Eric (aka "Ricky Reed")
Freihofner, Philip
Gad, Toby
Gelsomine, Paul
Goldstein, Paul
Gould, Andrew
Haggerty, Ben ("Macklemore") and Lewis, Ryan
Hobson, Lenna
Hodges, David
Irvin, Joseph
James, Mark
Jensen, Lars Halvor
Johnson, George D.
Johnson, Jordan
Kadish, Brandon jane
Kessler, Josh
Kirkpatrick, Ian
Koz, Dave
Lambroza, Nolan Joseph
LaPolt, Dina, Esq.
Leopold, Beth Perrine
Lowery, David
Madden, Luke
Marzeles, Lou
Matthews, Mitch (aka Matt Merta)
Mcneil, Anthony
Midgette, Soloman
Moss, Ron
Muddiman, Helene (comment 1)
Muddiman, Helene (comment 2)
North, Gary
Oates, John
Ostrow, Marc D.
Overstreet, Nash
Owen, Rob
Paterno, Peter and Soriano, Laurie
Penn, Michael
Peoples, Curtis
Peterson, Noah
Peyton, Tom
Pike, Nicholas
Powers, Devin (comment 1)
Powers, Devin (comment 2)
Prestwood, Hugh
Quint, Laurie
Record, Tobias J.
Representative of Inwood Estates Vineyards
Ritter, Jeremy and Heidi
Rogers, Frank
Russ, Adryan
Sandberg, Martin (Max Martin)
Schyman, Garry
Sebastian, John
Shocked, Michelle
Stumpf, Richard
Thomas, Brad
Torres, Elsten Creole
Trubitt, David
Wake, Norrie
Walker, Johnny
Walter, Dennis
Watt, Rick
White, Thomas A.
Wilcox, Simon
Wolf, Joal
yall, MsM


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