Policy and Strategy Section

Policy and Strategy Section

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The Policy and Strategy Section supports and coordinates the policy work of the Division, providing a focal point for proactive policy development and legislative proposals. These include the development and analysis of policy matters relating to the Division’s enforcement authority, the pursuit of legislative and regulatory priorities, coordinating with the State Department and other federal agencies on human rights matters, and the development of a sustained relationship with the Civil Rights and Program Offices in United States Attorneys’ offices and in other federal agencies. The Section also reports on the policy and enforcement initiatives of the Division by convening roundtables and conferences and preparing ongoing analyses and assessments that are memorialized and disseminated in reports and strategy documents.

Featured Items

"Confronting Discrimination in the Post-9/11 Era: Challenges and Opportunities Ten Years Later"
Read the report on the Civil Rights Division's Post-9/11 Civil Rights Summit.

The Attorney General's 2011 Annual Report to Congress Pursuant to the Equal Credit Opportunity Act
The report summarizes all of the Civil Rights Division's fair lending activities in 2011. Click here for a two-page summary.

The Attorney General's 2012 Annual Report to Congress and Assessment of U.S. Government Activities to Combat Trafficking in Persons
The report summarizes the federal government's efforts to combat human trafficking in 2010.

Proposals to Strengthen Laws That Protect the Rights of Servicemembers and Other Civil Rights Laws
Read the Department's proposed legislative amendments to strengthen laws that protect the rights of servicemembers and other civil rights laws. Click here for a one-page fact sheet.

Office of the United States Attorneys
Learn about U.S. Attorneys' efforts to enforce civil rights across the nation in coordination and consultation with the Civil Rights Division.

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