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U.S. Attorneys Listing

Subscribe to UpdatesBelow is a listing of current United States Attorneys for all 94 districts. Presidentially appointed United States Attorneys are noted with an asterisk (*) after their name and should be addressed as “The Honorable.”  All others should be addressed as “Mr.” or “Ms.”  Acting United States Attorneys are designated by a caret sign (^).


District United States Attorney
Alabama, Middle Louis V. Franklin, Sr.* Updated!
Alabama, Northern Jay E. Town *
Alabama, Southern Richard W. Moore* Updated!
Alaska Bryan Schroder ^
Arizona Elizabeth A. Strange ^
Arkansas, Eastern Patrick C. Harris ^
Arkansas, Western Kenneth Elser
California, Central Sandra Brown ^
California, Eastern Phillip A. Talbert
California, Northern Brian Stretch
California, Southern Alana Robinson^
Colorado Robert C. Troyer^
Connecticut Deirdre Daly*
Delaware David C. Weiss ^
District of Columbia Channing D. Phillips
Florida, Middle William S. Muldrow ^
Florida, Northern Christopher P. Canova
Florida, Southern Benjamin G. Greenberg^
Georgia, Middle G.F. "Pete" Peterman, III
Georgia, Northern John Horn
Georgia, Southern James D. Durham ^
Guam & Northern Mariana Islands Shawn N. Anderson ^
Hawaii Elliot R. Enoki ^
Idaho Bart M. Davis* Updated!
Illinois, Central Patrick D. Hansen^
Illinois, Northern Joel R. Levin ^
Illinois, Southern Donald S. Boyce, Jr.
Indiana, Northern Clifford D. Johnson ^
Indiana, Southern Joshua Minkler
Iowa, Northern Peter E. Deegan, Jr.* Updated!
Iowa, Southern Kevin E. VanderSchel
Kansas Thomas E. Beall
Kentucky, Eastern Carlton S. Shier IV ^
Kentucky, Western John E. Kuhn, Jr.
Louisiana, Eastern Duane A. Evans ^
Louisiana, Middle Corey R. Amundson ^
Louisiana, Western Alexander C. Van Hook ^
Maine Richard W. Murphy ^
Maryland Stephen Schenning ^
Massachusetts William D. Weinreb ^
Michigan, Eastern Daniel L. Lemisch ^
Michigan, Western Andrew B. Birge ^
Minnesota Gregory G. Brooker ^
Mississippi, Northern Robert Norman ^
Mississippi, Southern Harold Brittain ^
Missouri, Eastern Carrie Costantin ^
Missouri, Western Thomas Larson ^
Montana Kurt G. Alme* Updated!
Nebraska Robert C. Stuart ^
Nevada Steven W. Myhre ^
New Hampshire John J. Farley ^
New Jersey William E. Fitzpatrick ^
New Mexico James D. Tierney ^
New York, Eastern Bridget Rohde ^
New York, Northern Grant C. Jaquith ^
New York, Southern Joon Kim ^
New York, Western James P. Kennedy ^
North Carolina, Eastern John Stuart Bruce 
North Carolina, Middle Sandra J. Hairston ^
North Carolina, Western Jill Westmoreland Rose
North Dakota Christopher C. Myers
Ohio, Northern Justin E. Herdman *
Ohio, Southern Benjamin C. Glassman
Oklahoma, Eastern Doug A. Horn ^
Oklahoma, Northern R. Trent Shores* Updated!
Oklahoma, Western Mark A. Yancey
Oregon Billy J. Williams
Pennsylvania, Eastern Louis D. Lappen ^
Pennsylvania, Middle Bruce D. Brandler
Pennsylvania, Western Soo C. Song ^
Puerto Rico Rosa E. Rodriguez-Velez
Rhode Island Stephen G. Dambruch ^
South Carolina Beth Drake
South Dakota Randy Seiler
Tennessee, Eastern Nancy S. Harr 
Tennessee, Middle Donald Q. Cochran, Jr.* Updated! 
Tennessee, Western D. Michael Dunavant* Updated!
Texas, Eastern Brit Featherston ^
Texas, Northern John R. Parker
Texas, Southern Abran Martinez ^
Texas, Western Richard Durbin
Utah John W. Huber*
Vermont Eugenia A.P. Cowles ^
Virgin Islands Joycelyn Hewlett ^
Virginia, Eastern Dana Boente*
Virginia, Western Rick A. Mountcastle ^
Washington, Eastern Joseph Harrington ^
Washington, Western Annette L. Hayes
West Virginia, Northern Betsy S. Jividen ^
West Virginia, Southern Carol A. Casto
Wisconsin, Eastern Greg Haanstad
Wisconsin, Western Jeffrey M. Anderson ^
Wyoming John Robert Green ^
Updated September 22, 2017